Fashion jewellery quality cufflinks handmade in Czechia - Valuable present for him and her

Gold and silver cufflinks as presents for men and women - Fashion jewellery gift box included

At YABLOGLASS.COM you will find quality and fashionable cufflinks directly from the designer and manufacturer.

Let yourself be inspired for valuable presents both for men and women. Golden cufflinks for the men's double cuffed dress shirts and tuxedo shirts will please everyone. The cufflinks are plated with 14K gold for the luxury shine. Silver cufflinks for women in business are plated with Rhodium, which shines better then white gold. Only the original Swarovski® Rhinestones glitter in unique colorful spectrum.

Quality Czech glass fashion jewellery

The new fashion jewellery brand YABLOGLASS is a family business located in a small town Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. The place is well known around the world for quality glass and metals fashion jewellery making. The fashion jewellery is designed and completely manufactured at one place. The cufflinks decoration and design is made either with original Swarovski® crystals - the founder Mr. Daniel Swarovski was born not far away, or with traditional hand-pressed Bohemian glass buttons.

Glass cufflinks by YABLOGLASS

The Czech glass buttons pressing handicraft commenced in the region in around 1750's and in the 1900's - 1940's enjoyed its production peak. Every second glass button manufactured in the world came from this region. Today only few artisans master the skills as the glass buttons were completely replaced by plastic buttons during the 20th century. The automatic washing machine killed the industry.

We create the YABLOGLASS cufflinks with the same tools, moulds and production method as hundred years ago. We use the authentic moulds and designs, which were preserved from the culturally abundant 1920's - 1930's Art deco designer style. Simple geometric shapes are characteristic for the era, which was inspired by Cubism and Decorative style - Jugendstil. Elegant black color prevails. Black glass fashion jewellery is named Jet jewellery since the boom since the 1880's.

Find your cufflinks by style, colours and occasion:

  • Cufflinks for men

    Excellent gift idea for men are unique quality designer cufflinks. One size fits all. Elegant black gift box included. Ready to donate present. Designed in the vintage Art deco style.

  • Cufflinks for women

    Every woman is pleased with any jewellery present. Donate her swank brilliant Swarovski® Rhinestones silver cufflinks or unique designer vintage round cufflinks made of glass. Ready to give gift box included.

  • Cufflinks for the festive day

    Shiny and luxury wedding cufflinks make the Day even prettier. All kinds of cufflinks for the groom, father of the bride and wedding guests. Dress up and put the cuff link on it!

  • Art déco classic cufflinks

    Designed in the simple geometric 1920's style of Art déco. Black, gold and silver are the coloors of the classic cufflinks. Unique combination of glass and fashion jewellery metals.


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