How to shop for cufflinks at YABLOGLASS.COM

Why people love to buy cufflinks directly at the maker

Why people love to buy cufflinks directly at the maker
  • Handmade production of the glass cufflinks in the Czech Republic
  • All displayed goods is available on stock in our eshop
  • Swank cardboard gift box included to each pair of cufflinks
  • Secured payments by credit/debit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer
  • Free return or replacement within 30 days from receipt of the goods
  • Free of charge international shipping

Keeping the skills for the future generations

Thank you for choosing the YABLOGLASS cufflinks made in the Czech Republic. With the purchase of the unique glass cufflinks you do not simply receive a quality and valuable piece of handmade fashion jewellery, but you help to preserve the traditional manufacturing of the hand-pressed glass buttons in our region. The production of the glass and metal costume jewellery located around the town Jablonec nad Nisou, Northern part of the Czech Republic, used to be the main source of prosperity for the local population since the mid 19th century. The decay of the glass buttons industry started in the mid 20th century due to the rising penetration of the automatic washing machines in the households around the world. The glass buttons as a widespread design accessory for the clothing could no longer withstand the progress.

Quality traditional fashion jewellery production

When manufacturing the YABLOGLASS glass cufflinks we combine the original glass button with the metal jewellery mechanical closing. The mechanical part is made of a fashion jewellery metal plated with 14K yellow gold or finished with rhodium plating for the shiny silver look. For the design of the YABLOGLASS cufflinks we select from thousands of preserved glass buttons contained in the original sample books and we match them with the pressing tongs containing the authentic mold. The patient hand pressing, cutting, grinding and painting is needed for the assembly of the beautiful fashion jewellery men's and women's cufflinks.


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