Gold cufflinks YABLOGLASS - Ruby red with metal strass

Gold cufflinks YABLOGLASS - Ruby red with metal strass

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Unusual designer accessory for men's dress shirts and women's blouses. Golden costume jewellery cufflinks as a valuable gift idea for special occasion. Gift box included. Gold plated finishing.

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Product number: 2016-1006

Availability: On stock

Producer: YABLOGLASS - Czech Republic

Luxury cufflinks for men and women. The glass hand-pressed button shines in ruby red tone. The gold and ruby red colours blend nicely. The gold cufflinks YABLOGLASS - Ruby red with metal strass is a swank accessory for plain white and blue double-cuffed dress shirts. Elegant black gift box for costume jewellery included.

Detailed description of the Ruby red glass cufflinks

The round top part is made of seven heart-shaped petals. The ruby red traditional Czech glass button is hand-pressed like 100 years ago. A gold coloured metal strass is placed in the middle. The mechanical closing is made of costume jewellery metal (tombac, brass) plated with a 14-karat yellow gold.

Cardboard costume jewellery gift box with golden YABLOGLASS logo is included.

Handmade in the Czech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou - hometown of glass and metal costume jewellery making.

Delivery across Europe within 5 business days. Worldwide free shipping.

Colour: Gold
Surface finish: Gold plated 14K yellow gold
Material visible part: YABLOGLASS hand-pressed Czech glass button
Material mechanical part: Fashion jewellery metal plated
Size: Diameter 18 mm (0.7 inch)
Gift box: Cardboard gift box for jewellery with YABLOGLASS logo - black

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