Black and gold cufflinks YABLOGLASS - Gold and silver

Black and gold cufflinks YABLOGLASS - Gold and silver

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Original Art deco style black fashion jewellery cufflinks for men's double cuff shirts. Gold plated cufflinks in an elegant gift box.

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Product number: 2016-1001

Availability: On stock

Producer: YABLOGLASS - Czech Republic

All in one - black, gold and silver - the colours of luxury fashion. The Art deco style round cufflinks make illusion of a squared cufflinks due to the massive squared core. Elegant black gift box for jewellery included.

Detailed description of the black and gold Art deco glass cufflinks

The hand-pressed Czech glass button is made of massive square in the middle and round zebra stripes around. The trim is painted with gold and silver colours. The metal closing is made of fashion jewellery metal (tombac) plated with yellow 14K gold.

Black jewellery represent elegant traditional accessory for men and women.

Cardboard fashion jewellery gift box is included.

Produced in the Czech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou - hometown of glass and metal costume jewellery.

Delivery across Europe within 5 business days. Worldwide free shipping.

Colour: Gold
Surface finish: Gold plated 14K yellow gold
Material visible part: YABLOGLASS hand-pressed Czech glass button
Material mechanical part: Fashion jewellery metal plated
Size: Diameter 18 mm (0.7 inch)
Gift box: Cardboard gift box for jewellery with YABLOGLASS logo - black

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