Men's black chessboard cufflinks with Swarovski® crystals

Men's black chessboard cufflinks with Swarovski® crystals

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Genuine brilliant Swarovski® Chessboards in elegant black. Stylish men's cufflinks for daily wear and evening party. Fashion jewellery gift box included.

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Product number: 2012-1022

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Producer: YABLOGLASS - Czech Republic

Cufflinks for men and women with black glittering Swarovski® glass stones perfectly match plain white shirts with double cuffs. The square-shaped stone is cut into a 25-sheet chessboard. Due to the different slope of each box, the surface of the stone creates the impression of a liquid crystal. While moving the cuff, the stone continuously reflects the reflections of the surrounding objects and thus constantly changes the colour.

Detailed description of the Black Swarovski® crystals cufflinks

Matt shine of the original Swarovski® crystals. Unique Swarovski® crystals break light in the rainbow spectrum. Crystal size 12 mm.

The easy one-click two-fingers fastening is made of high quality fashion jewellery metal - tombac (brass) plated with Rhodium for a silver white gold shine. Rhodium is noble metal of silver colour, which looks like white gold. The rhodium plated jewellery is used by the jewellers for its colour resistancy and jewellery protection from external influences. Rhodium is hypoallergenic, there is not known evidence about any allergic reaction of the human skin. Unlike silver jewellery, rhodium plated jewellery turns not black over time.

Elegant navy blue jewellery gift box is included with the logo of the original Swarovski® crystal components maker.

Handmade in the Czech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou, hometown of fashion jewellery making.

Delivery accross Europe within 5 business days. Worldwide zero cost shipping.

Colour: Black
Surface finish: Rhodium plated - silver colour
Material visible part: Original Swarovski® crystal
Material mechanical part: Fashion jewellery metal plated
Size: Length 13 mm x 13 mm (1/2 inch x 1/2 inch)
Gift box: Cardboard gift box for jewellery with Swarovski® components logo - navy blue

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