Jewelry fashion show Made in Jablonec 2018

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A spectacular show of fashionable creations and attractive jewelry accessories was seen on January 11th, 2018 for the ninth time in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic - hometown of glass and metal jewelry. The motto of the fashion show Made in Jablonec 2018 was "100 years of inspiration" with reference to the anniversary of the establishement of Czechoslovakia in 1918.

Jewelry fashion show Made in Jablonec 2018

Fashion jewelry show Made in Jablonec 2018Inspiration of the 1930's, 1960's and the new millennium

In total 17 jewelry manufacturers and almost the same number of fashion designers have created up to 54 models inspired by "The Refinement of the 1930's", "The Free 1960's" and "The New Millenium". It was not a retro show but a showcase of modern world trends in jewelry inspired by the past hundred years. Each fashion designer team was allowed to present 3 models only related to each theme. Only the most attractive designs of the contemporary fashion work made it to the show.

Fashion show costume jewelry Made in Jablonec 2018, Czech RepublicFashion show Made in Jablonec 2018 Granat Turnov ruby red dressWhat we found most interesting?

A separate fashion collection was presented by Preciosa, which presented glittering ball-gowns and leisure time outfits. The Granat Turnov looked to granaruby red color typical for their branded garnet jewelry. The show of seductive underwear was accompanied by jewelry from AG Plus including a traditional crown for princesses. Each model showed something extraordinary and more than an hour-long fashion show had its dynamics. At the final defile we counted an incredible 20 mannequins, which only illustrates the magnificence of this fashion show Made in Jablonec 2018.

Made in Jablonec 2018 fashion jewelry show, Czech RepublicWhen you can see the jewelry fashion show next time?

Both premieres of the fashion show were sold on the first day to a total of thousand of visitors. The chance to see the attractive fashion show again is in August 2018 as part of the exhibition of Jablonec fashion jewelry "Fragile Beauty". We invite you to visit the town of glass and jewelry Jablonec nad Nisou in the summer. You will not leave without the jewelry.


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