Report from the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

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In the previous post I promised a report from the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou. I already wanted to make it in the previous article, but I let myself be carried away to another theme by the design and production of YABLOGLASS glass cufflinks. I have found the inspiration for the unique hand-pressed cufflinks in the Glass and Jewellery Museum. Let's go straight to the tour.

Report from the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

From historical discoveries to contemporary activity

The Museum of Glass and Jewellery, as seen from the title and place, collects a collection of objects related to the history and present of the Czech glassmaking, jewellery, the production of jewellery, coinage. Locally from the territory of the Czech Republic, with special regard to the North Bohemian glass and jewellery production area of the Jizera Mountains. (Source: Museum of Glass and Jewellery Jablonec n.N., MSB J)

Influence of jewellery manufacturers on the town Jablonec nad Nisou

Exhibition of costume jewellery in JablonecThe jewellery exhibition is the first part of the museum. The production of glass and metal jewellery is famous for Jablonec nad Nisou in the Czech Republic and abroad. During the excursion we can not only admire the jewels that were produced here 200 years ago, but also the ancient tools for their production, technology and the chain of producers from family workshops spread over the Jizera Mountains through factories to export houses and villas, which we can admire durig a walk over Jablonec nad Nisou.

Jewellery production has become so important in the region that it has become a phenomenon not only in artistic, but also in economic and social terms. In the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Jablonec became a world export center of jewellery. The prosperity that was unique in the Austria-Hungarian empire was marked in the face of Jablonec not only in the industrial but also in the architectural sphere. Jablonec nad Nisou (German Gablonz an der Neiße) was one of the largest cities in Bohemia in the 19th century. Thousands of foreign merchants also came to the region and some settled here. (Source: MSB J) By the way, the founder of the world-famous fashion glass producer Daniel Swarovski was born and grew up nearby.

Glass and glass jewellery

Exhibion of glass Bohemian buttons in JablonecGlass jewellery, i.e. glass stones, could uniquely imitate expensive natural stones and even diamonds. The most popular glass jewellery range includes pressed beads, cut jewellery stones and glass hand-pressed buttons. Some sources point out that Jablonec has provided up to half of the world's export of glass buttons. Buttons from Jablonec even obtained their own name in English: Bohemian glass buttons. MSB J holds its largest collection of buttons in its warehouses in the world. Buttons can not be counted, but they are estimated at around 5.5 million pieces. Only a fraction can be seen at the exposition. But still there is plenty to admire. The glass buttons were decorated with grinding, engraving, painting and a number of finishes. Buttons can also be found in different types of wood and plastic buttons, which in the second half of the 20th century completely replaced the traditional glass button.

Glass and metal jewellery hand in hand

The development of metal jewellery in the Jablonec region went hand in hand with the development of glass costume jewellery and with the technological advances in shaping and soldering of metal moldings. Jewellery production brought to Jablonec German costume jewellery makers, who further perfected and innovated their artistic field. The jewellery collection, on the other hand, was subjected to fashionable fluctuations, both positive and negative. The boom in export markets or the recession significantly affected the majority of the population in Jablonec. World wars were disasters for the jewellery production and the global trade.

Glass, glass, glass

Exhibition of glass art in JablonecLet's move into the glass exhibition. The oldest piece here is the original bell from the Protestant temple, today's Catholic Church of St. Ann in Jablonec nad Nisou. The bell was cast right in one of the Jablonec steelworks in 1590! Glass items - cups, vases, showcases, and jewellery were made in the style of the well-known Venetian glass, the island of Murano, which gave the name of Murano's world-famous glass. The oldest artistic and consumer glass items date back to the 16th century and the exposition tour will guide you through the baroque, rococo, art nouveau and the current range of consumer glass.

The museum will soon be new

The visit to the Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou is worth one to two hours of your time, especially in the worst mountain weather. Jewellery production in Jablonec lives and continues to develop. Soon the Museum of Glass and Jewellery will change. The construction of the new pavilion should begin at the end of 2017 and be completed for the 115th anniversary of the museum in 2019. The shape of the building's extension came out of the architectural competition and is to feature a cut glass jewellery - crystal.


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