YABLOGLASS – Unique Bohemian glass cuff links

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The manufacturer of men's branded shirts SmartMen launches a unique glass cuff links collection under the brand YABLOGLASS. The combination of the shirts business and it’s location in the home-town of costume jewelry and Bohemian glass buttons making in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic, gave birth to a unique collection of hand-made glass cuff links.

YABLOGLASS – Unique Bohemian glass cuff links


Ruční mačkání skleněných knoflíčkůThe glass and metal connection

The uniqueness of the YABLOGLASS cuff links is in the material used. The decoration with the Bohemian glass button is made by the traditional and now almost forgotten method of pressing glass bars in furnaces. Patient manual work accompanies the entire production process of pressing, grinding and painting. The glass button is then glued to the gold or silver closure of the shirt cuff. The YABLOGLASS buttons production combines traditional metal and glass jewelry making in the Jablonec region.

Faded glory of the Bohemian glass button

The glass buttons were in the region of Jablonec the main livelihood for local jewelry manufactures and individuals from the middle of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century. The Jablonec glass button wandered around the world. The painted glass button as part of the clothing accessory has been completely pushed out of the market in the second half of the 20th century by the plastic industrial buttons. Of the hundreds of Bohemian glass button makers, only few individuals – enthusiast continue the business these days.

Ruční malování skleněného knoflíkuThe Renaissance of the Bohemian glass button

At the beginning of 2017, the first collection of YABLOGLASS glass cuff links is shown to the world. The designer collection of the glass cufflinks represent only a fraction of the thousands of shapes and designs of the once-produced glass buttons in the Jablonec region. Hundreds of pressing tongs and molds have been lost or destroyed. The art of glass buttons pressing is put in the hands of individuals who have nobody to pass the skill forward.

The YABLOGLASS glass cuff links low scale handmade production can be promise for a glass button pressing preservation for the future generations. The unique YABLOGLASS cuff links in a costume jewelry gift box can be purchased at www.yabloglass.com.

Wholesale orders of cuff links can be ordered directly at the YABLOGLASS.COM eshop.

Cuff links as a valuable business gift or promotional item with your company logo can be requested here.


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