Welcome to the world of YABLOGLASS handmade cuff links!

Gold and silver cuff links for men and women

We create the vintage YABLOGLASS cuff links for men and women with glass buttons, fashion jewelry metal with 14K gold plating and Rhodium finish for a silver shine. We design the YABLOGLASS cuff links mainly in Art deco style with handmade Bohemian glass buttons and original Swarovski® Rhinestone crystals. The YABLOGLASS cuff links are handmade in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic.

YABLOGLASS cuff links as valuable present for men and women

The YABLOGLASS branded cuff links are delivered around the world placed in elegant cardboard gift box for jewelry with the golden YABLOGLASS logo on the top. For the corporate customers and wholesale customers we are ready to ship internationally the cuff links in a gift box with your company logo on the top. The YABLOGLASS cuff links are valuable and handy present for men and women. The cuff links are also an unique promotional gift of your company for your business partners.

Traditional handmade production of the Bohemian glass buttons

The Czech brand YABLOGLASS restores the centuries-old tradition of hand pressing of the glass buttons in the region of Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. The almost forgotten handicraft of colorful glass buttons manufacturing newly produces a variety of swank collections of cuff links for men and women. The YABLOGLASS branded cuff links are an unique combination of glass and metal fashion jewelry making.

Gold cuff links are luxury accessory to men's double cuff shirts and women's blouses

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The YABLOGLASS branded cuff links are plated with a 14K gold. The easy one-click fastening is made of fashion jewelry metal - tombac, brass. The visible top designer part is made of a glass button. The traditional Bohemian glass button is hand-pressed from glass bars, further hand-edged, painted and perhaps even fitted with shatons, crystal Rhinestones and stones.

The show must go on!

The shapes and patterns of the glass buttons come from the original swatch books and preserved tools - press tongs from the 1920's. The YABLOGLASS glass button is even today manufactured in the exactly same manner as more than hundred years ago. The fresh cuff links brand YABLOGLASS revives the faded glory of the Bohemian glass button making in Jablonec nad Nisou, northern part of the Czech Republic (former German speaking Sudetenland).

The women's cuff links are round in ruby red color in a shape of flower petal made of seven hearts. In the middle of the glass button is placed crystal or metal chaton. The men's cuff links are round made of black glass in the vintage Art deco style or polished into black onyx.

The YABLOGLASS cuff links are in a pair placed in and original cardboard gift box designed for jewelry.


Silver cuff links for weddings, special occasions and everyday fun

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The silver YABLOGLASS cuff links are Rhodium plated. Rhodium is a noble metal of a silver shine, which protects the jewelry from corrosion and turning black. Rhodium is hypo-allergenic - there is no evidence about men's sensitive reaction.

The YABLOGLASS silver cuff links make a highly festive impression at weddings and other special occasions. The silver-color cuff links can be easily matched with the jewelry of the bride. The glass top of the cuff link is designed in Art deco style decorated with color painting. 

The men's cuff links are round hand-pressed from black glass bars. The black color stands for luxury and elegance. Unique are neatly polished black onyx round cuff links with trims.

Traditionally quality fashion jewelry making

The YABLOGLASS silver cuff links are a beautiful costume jewelry backed by a long tradition. The Czech glass buttons are hand-pressed and finished in the same manner as hundreds years ago. The glass buttons made in the Czech Republic persist to be famous around the world.

Each pair of cuff links is placed into an elegant jewelry gift box with the YABLOGLASS brand on the top.


Silver cuff links for men and women with original Swarovski® crystals

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The silver jewelry cuff links with Swarovski® crystals shine perfectly. The famous Swarovski® brand stands for quality and brilliant glance of the fashion jewelry. The most popular shape of the cuff links is a square with flat cut stone with chessboard pattern. The stones are flat on the back and the cuff links are balanced. The YABLOGLASS cuff links are suitable both for men and women. Stylish black gift box is included.

The fashion jewelry metal (tombac, brass) is treated with Rhodium. Rhodium is noble metal, more expensive than silver, which glitters like white gold. Rhodium, unlike silver, is color-stable, does not go black over time. Rhodium is hypoallergenic, there is not known allergic skin reaction to the metal. Quality jewelry is usually rhodium plated.

Back to the roots

The cuff links with the original Swarovski® crystals and handmade in the Czech Republic, Jablonec nad Nisou by experienced jewelers. The region is well known for the glass and metal fashion jewelry production. Daniel Swarovski, founder of the Swarovski® brand, was born near-by.



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