Gold cuff links are luxury accessory to men's double cuff shirts and women's blouses

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The YABLOGLASS branded cuff links are plated with a 14K gold. The easy one-click fastening is made of fashion jewelry metal - tombac, brass. The visible top designer part is made of a glass button. The traditional Bohemian glass button is hand-pressed from glass bars, further hand-edged, painted and perhaps even fitted with shatons, crystal Rhinestones and stones.

The show must go on!

The shapes and patterns of the glass buttons come from the original swatch books and preserved tools - press tongs from the 1920's. The YABLOGLASS glass button is even today manufactured in the exactly same manner as more than hundred years ago. The fresh cuff links brand YABLOGLASS revives the faded glory of the Bohemian glass button making in Jablonec nad Nisou, northern part of the Czech Republic (former German speaking Sudetenland).

The women's cuff links are round in ruby red color in a shape of flower petal made of seven hearts. In the middle of the glass button is placed crystal or metal chaton. The men's cuff links are round made of black glass in the vintage Art deco style or polished into black onyx.

The YABLOGLASS cuff links are in a pair placed in and original cardboard gift box designed for jewelry.



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