Silver cuff links YABLOGLASS - All Black Onyx

Silver cuff links YABLOGLASS - All Black Onyx

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Glossy whole black cuff links with edged trims. Elegant contrast to white dress shirt. Final treatment with Rhodium for a silver white gold look. Black gift box included.


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Product number: 2016-2007

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Producer: YABLOGLASS - Czech Republic

The power of the plain black round cuff link is in its simplicity. The All Black Onyx cuff links stand perfectly with plain white tuxedo shirts and men's white dress shirts with French cuffs.

Detailed description of the All Black Onyx cuff links

The black round glass button is perfectly polished. Traditional handmade production of the Bohemian glass buttons. The trim is edged into facets. The All Black Onyx cuff link shines nicely. Black is the color of elegancy.

The mechanical part made of the fashion jewelry brass is finished with Rhodium. Rhodium is a noble metal with silver shine. The rhodium finishing is used in the costume jewelry for its color consistency and protection from external environment.

Cardboard gift box for fashion jewelry in elegant black color.

Made in the Czech Republic, Jabloned nad Nisou - hometown of fashion jewelry and traditional Bohemian glass buttons.

Delivery anywhere in the U.S. within 10 business days. Worldwide free shipping.

Color: Silver
Surface finish: Rhodium plated - silver color
Material visible part: YABLOGLASS hand-pressed Bohemian glass button
Material mechanical part: Fashion jewelry metal plated
Size: Diameter 0.7 inch (18 mm)
Gift box: Cardboard gift box for jewelry with YABLOGLASS logo - black

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